The Quest for Eldinor

The Instigating Incident

While wandering the streets of Imperia Istorum, Derris is goaded into playing the Limpest Legion by a gang of drunk anti-Imperialists. Unfortunately, the City Watch overhears this display and despite all efforts at diplomacy, Derris finds himself in the middle of a full scale brawl. Caught in a vulnerable situation, he attempts a risky maneuver by injuring one of the City Watchmen in order to avoid being targeted by the drunken brawlers so that he can summon backup. The situation gets even worse when the leader of the anti-Imperialists drives a dagger into the other Watchman’s heart just as another patrol finds the scene. The brawlers scatter, leaving Derris with a dead body, the murder weapon, and a member of the City Watch as a material witness against him. Briefly believing he can talk his way out of the situation, Derris’ hopes are quickly shattered, and a quick Daze spell casting affords him the distraction he needs to escape. Now Derris is a wanted man, and he must flee the area or risk arrest and execution.


Mekkinism Mekkinism

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